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🛠️ Tweak source scan

🛠️ Tweak source scan

In some cases you may have hint tipi at where the actual sources reside in a project or at things to explicitely ignore.

This example explicitly includes /tests/ but excludes /examples and include/jwt/test from the build of the dependency on arun11299's cpp-jwt library:

  "arun11299/cpp-jwt" : { 
    "@" : "master", 
    "x" : ["examples/", "include/jwt/test"],
    "s" : [ "/tests/" ]
    <...things omitted...>

Source dir disambiguation

If a repository contains multiple sources directories with uncommon name they can be added to the list of includes or files to link with by using the source dir disambiguation attribute s in your .tipi/deps or the -s switch of the tipi command line.

This disables most of the smart inclusion detection and lists the paths in the build process.

As for @ selective inclusion by platform can be specified by adding a target platform suffix:

Adding "s:vs-16-2019-win64-cxx17" : ["src/visual-c"] will compile with the src/visual-c on vs-16-2016 target.

Exclude directory from scan

Directories or files can be explicitely excluded from source scanning by listing them using the gitignore syntax in the x attribute in your .tipi/deps or the -x switch of the tipi command line.

Directories starting with a . (dot) are ignored by default

You can suffix the key it with the target platform to selectively include implementation dir by platform

Specifying "x:wasm-cxx17" : ["src/native-code"] will compile the project without the sources found in the src/native-code directory for the WebAssembly target.