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Live build / monitor mode

Live build / monitor mode

The tipi monitor feature gives you a fast and comprehensive feedback loop for code changes.

Fast because in test driven development it is customary to begin with even a non-compiling program to guide the implementation. These so-called babysteps require a tight edit-build-test loop to be bearable. tipi . --monitor --test all provides exactly that by automatically building and running tests on each change.

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Comprehensive because it enables to simultaneously build+run your code for any combination of platforms and targets in our powerful tipi.build cloud.

Local and/or remote depending on your project needs. Make use of our largest cloud nodes if you need the raw power or continue working offline while you commute, the live build feature works nicely in both cases!

To use the feature just add the --monitor swith to your tipi command:

tipi . --monitor

Or for a remote build:

tipi build . --monitor -t linux-cxx17

Works in combination with ´-u´ / ´--use-cmakelists´:

tipi --use-cmakelists . --monitor

Additionally you may execute tests after each build:

tipi build . --monitor -t linux-cxx17 --test all

You can use the control files <project-root>/.tipi.force-tests and <project-root>/.tipi.test-args to change the values of the --test <value> and --test-args <value> parameters during a monitor session. For details about the usage of those files, please refer to running tests: run specific tests and running tests: passing parameters to the test executable

The .tipi.force-tests allows to enable the tests in-session even if no --test <value> was provided.