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Release v0.0.53 - faster windows builds with wine 🍷 and ninja 🥷🏻

Welcome to the wild life! Finally a write-up about the last 12(!) tipi releases - from v0.0.42 "Electric Elk" to v0.0.53 "Prolific Pronghorn" - and what's in it for you! — Read more for Rust 🦀

We are thrilled to announce officially our Rust support. — Read more

Tipi v0.0.41 - Fast and Stable - codename Decisive Dolphin

An incredible amount of stability and performance improvements. — Read more

the big update - cache revolution

tipi v0.0.36 aka "Zealful Zebra" - painless, automatic and version-abiding build caching for everyone and a lot of bugfixes — Read more

Tipi v0.0.32 - more glam for the CLI

With todays release tipi gets a hugely improved support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 18.04 and a makeover for it's command line interface. — Read more

Local project configuration and improved source ignore

tipi v0.0.29 a.k.a. "Systematic Squirrel" comes with local project config in the deps file and support for target specific source exclusion — Read more

How tipi protects your data and privacy

Learn more about how and why we keep your data safe by design. Without compromise. — Read more

Explore tipi now, product improvements and hotfix for v0.0.28

Discover the new explore tipi features of our website now plus more news about general product improvements. — Read more

Fitting a firmware in under half its original size with

Case Study – How KOMP.LED LightSystems used the binary optimizer to solve their chip-shortage issues — Read more

Tipi v0.0.27 'rapid roadrunner' - like nodemon but for C++

Have you ever experienced the famous nodemon tool used to watch file changes and restart the dev server when writing Javascript with Node.js? We think it's absolutely brilliant and decided to create tipi live build! — Read more

Case Study - Endress + Hauser Digital Solutions

IIoT Cloud Connectivity with C++ and — Read more

We joined the Standard C++ Foundation

on supporting an always open C++ standard and building awesome tools — Read more

tipi's vision

The vision and philosophy behind implementation for native C and C++ developers — Read more