Are you ready for some serious productivity gains? Look no further than the latest release of tipi, codenamed Decisive Dolphin 🐬 ! This release packs a punch with several new features and bug fixes that are sure to take your development game to the next level.

Tipi v0.0.41

First up, we have totally revamped Test Driven Development monitor mode ( aka live build ). This feature has been fully overhauled with debouncing and the ability to discard running builds. Plus, you can now pass command line arguments to test executables and control tests via the /.tipi.test-args file.

Next, we have the stabilization of remote build capabilities for CMake. This means you can now seamlessly build your CMake projects on a remote machine ( i.e. just add a .tipi/deps with { "u" : true } in it ), we also improved the reliability of the underlying connection to the remote build machine.

But that's not all! We've also made improvements to our build cache, our package management system, including speedier dependency installs and the ability to specify the .tipi/id cache id key directly in .tipi/deps. Also with the TIPI_CACHE_CONSUME_ONLY=ON environment variable, you can now use the cache without populating it.

We've also squashed some bugs, including fixing the local sync of build folders for remotely built projects and ensuring remote builds of incremental changes are no longer ignored and properly cached. And on Windows, we've ensured that remote subprocesses builds don't hang unexpectedly and that the tipi . --test <filter-regex> properly forwards to CMake-CTest.

Overall, the Decisive Dolphin release is a game-changer for tipi users. With these new features and bug fixes, you can expect to see an improvement in your development workflow and an increase in your productivity. So, what are you waiting for? Update to the latest version of tipi and start reaping the benefits today!

Head up to our on-boarding wizard to update !

CHANGELOG - v0.0.41 - Decisive Dolphin 🐬


Remote build

  • Improved reliability of remote Job machine underlying SSH connection (also automatically using different ports if already in-use )

Test Driven Development monitor mode

  • 🚀 Monitor mode fully overhauled with debouncing and discard of running build
  • Support passing command line arguments to test executables and control test via <projdir>/.tipi.test-args

Package Management

  • 🚀 Speedup for dependencies install : even on first build the dependencies are properly resolved from the cache.
  • Correct setup of CMake package configuration find directories when a project is built from cache a second time
  • Dependencies now stay a dependencies of the proper level and are no more added recursively to all parent levels
  • Possibility to specify the .tipi/id cache id key directly in .tipi/deps ( useful when it differs from github origin )
  • { "opts" : "set(CMAKE_VAR ON)" } can be specified in .tipi/deps.
  • TIPI_CACHE_CONSUME_ONLY=ON in the environment allows use of the cache without populating it.


  • --sync-build of remotely built project returns the binary built and doesn't generate an infinitely expanding archive anymore.
  • Remote build of incremental changes on already built files are not ignored anymore (modification time correctly set up to the nanosecond)
  • Remote Build doesn't hang anymore in remote subprocesses builds on windows until <Enter> is pressed.
  • Properly detect what changes in build by convention mode, by regenerating cmakelists when they actually change
  • Projects opts files in dependency chain are inlined to the CMake toolchain file in proper order, so that dependent project can override toolchain specific settings for their dependencies
  • symlinks are properly stored and extracted on windows build caches
  • tipi . --test <filter-regex> now properly forwards it to CMake-CTest on windows.

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