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Endress + Hauser is a Swiss-based globally operating process and laboratory instrumentation and automation supplier. The group comprises 134 companies in 48 countries.

The Team Development Gateway at Endress + Hauser Digital Solutions enables Connectivity to the Netilion Cloud for mobile applications and IIoT devices of the Endress+Hauser Group. They develop a multi-platform C++ connector for the Netilion Cloud as well as Gateway devices that uses it.

Netilion is an award-wining cloud ecosystem. It connects the physical and digital worlds to improve efficiency and enables tens of thousands of users transparent access to industrial plant data.

Adding value

Being an ISO27001 certified team, following the “Live at HEAD” motto and secure development principles Team Development Gateways developers were typically busy every other sprint updating their dependencies to integrate security and stability fixes (e.g. Boost, Poco, SQLite).

Keeping these dependencies up to date was a though challenge as they have different build systems, leading to a complex integration work.

Cross platform

Moreover, the codebase comprising reusable C++ components for other teams within the Endress + Hauser Group, the integration complexity propagated to their respective project’s teams with different test environments for the many supported platforms.

Autogenerated CMakeLists

Leveraging the smart algorithm the Team was able to streamline their dependencies update workflow. Additionally, previously hand-written and hard to maintain CMake build scrips are now being generated in seconds for the entire codebase.

Faster builds

Finally, the team could increase their productivity by using the cloud, enabling them to shorten their repetitive edit-build-test cycle from 8 to 1 minute.

Usually our team had one or two developers regularly busy integrating libraries, writing or fixing CMakeLists. Having simply automate this, is a huge time-saver.

The impressive factor 8 compilation speedup allows us to focus on what matters: beautiful and carefully tested code.

Andreas Büchin

Andreas Büchin

Team Leader TDG Technology Gateways

Endress+Hauser Digital Solutions

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