We are proud to annouce we just became a supporting member of the Standard C++ Foundation to help keeping up their great work and giving back to those who empowered us to build performant solutions, nurturing this virtuous cycle.

At we strive to break down all the barriers to make C and C++ development exactly this: the most awesome, fast and seamless experience you can think of. Our long term goals are fully aligned with those of the Standard C++ Foundation on this: promote the use of modern C++ and boost the availability of high-quality C++ libraries.

Our take on the challenge:

  1. Algorithmically produce a common C and C++ ecosystem to allow libraries and code reuse independenty of the build system
  2. Speed up development by providing massively parallel builds in our cloud

The web, global warming and C++

Taking only the web as an example, the carbon footprint of the internet could be drastically reduced if the top 10 millions websites would have been written in C++ instead of their current technologies1.

Serving the same amount of web requests with C++ web applications would reduce the number of required physical servers about 7-fold 2.

C++ : performance is a feature

The faster one can achieve a task (send a mail, write a memo, compute something really important or watch kitten pictures... do stuff, you know ), the faster decisions can be taken, the faster solutions can be found to major problems. The native performance advantage thus makes C++ the obvious choice for high profile applications.

With we empower developers to benefit from this native performance without paying the usual cost of setting up their environment and waiting for builds so they can focus on what matters.

We need you

The more C++ developers join, the more we can help the C++ community and make a real impact on global warming.

Help us get the word out, we are here to do good !

P.S.: don't forget to sign up for our waiting list

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Damien Buhl

@daminetreg founder and CEO