• 🆕 ✨ more glam for the CLI
    • listing of executables and tests post-build
    • improved dialog / user input handling with default answers
    • coloring and newline consistency fixed
    • coloring of remote machine output
    • more control over log verbosity (-v to -vv for most detail)
    • generally better and more helpful messages
  • Improved support Ubuntu 16.04 ext LTS + Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • Improved upgrade installation experience
  • ⚠️ Automatic upgrade won't work, Installing this update requires to run the full installer (see Installing the update)

CLI improvements

One of our main goals at tipi is to elevate your developer experience and we think that having a great command line tool is absolutely key to that.

Now v0.0.32 is certainly not perfect, but we made a huge leap forward regarding the consistency of the console output - both for local and remote builds. Additionally we fixed a number of smaller annoying bugs regarding the coloring of the live build feature and a bunch of messages are way more helpful than before.

The real creature comfort comes with the end-of-build listing of your project's executables which finally makes the build more explorable:

Improved CLI output with built executables listed - including a command to `tipi run` them

We'd love to hear your thoughts on that!

Improved support for older releases of Ubuntu

If you are - like many of our users - stuck with old but still supported releases of Ubuntu, you'll certainly be pleased to hear that tipi now works as expected and without workarounds on 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS. We had to ship our own recent build of Python 3.10+ to manage this, but packaging pain of that aside, we think it was absolutely worth it!

This means that tipi is now the easiest way to get a pre-built Python 3.10 on your Ubuntu 16.04 !


  • Fixed bug in the include scanner and inclusion root detection
  • Windows installer script improved:
  • Linux installer script improved:
  • PATH manipulation in tipi are now case insensitive ( c.f. tipi-build/cli#33 )
  • Remote environment specification is now stable and reproducible accross supported hosts

For the full detail head over to the CHANGELOG for the new release.

Huge thanks to @stefanofiorentino and @sandordargo for the bug reports.

Installing the update

We resolved a number of bugs in the self upgrade procedure of tipi in this release which might require you run the installation procedure one more time.

You can find the commands in the on-boarding wizard.

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@pysco68 co-founder and COO