• 🆕 Local project configuration options in .tipi/deps
  • 🆕 target specific .tipiignore files: .tipiignore.<target-name>
  • 🔧 fix of user time-zone-dependent environment archives
  • 🔧 fix default ignore rules not being overridable
  • 🎇 Update to tipi v0.0.29 now using: tipi --force-upgrade

Local project configuration

With tipi v0.0.29 we enable specifying all configuration options possible for dependencies in the .tipi/deps file to the local project, meaning that you now have the possiblity to easily describe the project itself to make it easier to consume and use by other:

    "s" : ["<src-disambiguation>", ...], 
    "x" : ["<excluded-directory>", ...],
    "u" : <use-cmakelists::Boolean>,
    "s:<target>" : ["<src-disambiguation>", ...],
    "x:<target>" : ["<exclude dir>", ...],
    "u:<target>" : <use-cmakelists::Boolean>, 
    "packages": ["<Package Config name>", ...],
    "targets": ["<target name>", ...], 
    "find_mode": "",
    "requires" : { ... }

You can read the documentation of the extended depspec here for all the details about the local project configuration properties available from tipi v0.0.29

Target specific .tipiignore files

We added the possibility to add target specific .tipiignore.<target> files to handle platform/target specific source exclusion rules.

The syntax is idential to the base .tipiignore file and the rules are additive with the base rules defined in a project's .tipiignore files: you can find all the details in the documentation.


  • the handling of file creation time in the environment descriptions contained an error which resulted in remote environment images being user time zone dependent.
  • the default source scan ignore rules were inserted last to the ruleset. This resulted in theses default rules to be impossible to override

For the full detail head over to the CHANGELOG for the new release.

Installing the update

Just follow the install steps in the on-boarding wizard or if you already have tipi: tipi --force-upgrade

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Yannic Staudt

@pysco68 co-founder and COO