• 🆕 Brand new explore tipi on our website
  • 🆕 Improved getting started experience
  • 🔧 live build works for local and remote windows builds now
  • 🔧 first pass source scanner improved (we can build a whole lot more now ;)
  • 🎇 Update to tipi v0.0.28 now using: tipi --force-upgrade

Explore tipi

We added a new set of page to our website to make it easier to discover features of tipi. We dubbed it explore tipi and you can find it here. We truly hope those smaller, less in-depth dives into the different features of tipi (and how to use them) will be helpful to you!

Explore tipi now

Better getting started

In the same way we improved the getting started experience with tipi, by adding a bit of contextual explorability during the setup of your account and installation. We will be improving that further in the coming weeks and hope to get some feedback on it!

New getting started

Hotfix release v0.0.28

Today we released tipi v0.0.28 which contains mostly bugfixes:

  • the live build feature had issues with bursts in changes (for example during a git checkout / switching branches) and larger codebases on Windows because of a bug in the file change watching
  • the first pass source scanner now handles (multi-line) comments (before includes among other things) better
  • the first pass source scanner now handles relative path includes correctly

For the full detail head over to the CHANGELOG for the new release.

Installing the update

Just follow the install steps in the on-boarding wizard or if you already have tipi: tipi --force-upgrade

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Yannic Staudt

@pysco68 co-founder and COO