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Running tests cases

Running tests cases

The convention build will categorize applications (i.e. .cpp files with entry points) found in the test[s] or example[s] folders as tests and supports automatically executing them post-build.

The return code of the application is interpreted as pass/fail result.

Run all tests

tipi . -t linux-cxx17 --test all

Run specific tests

Run only tests defined in test/mytest.cpp

tipi . -t linux-cxx17 --test test/mytest

If you need to exclude a number of tests from the suite you can supply a filter regex to match the tests to ignore:

tipi . -t linux-cxx17 --test all --exclude-test mytest1|mytest2 # run all tests except 'mytest1' and 'mytest2'

Running tests on each keystroke

Read more about the combining tests executions on tipi.build cloud and the Live build / monitor mode