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Build for different targets in the <b>tipi build cloud</b>

Build for different targets in the tipi build cloud

Using the tipi build verb launches a remote build of the current project for the selected environment and target. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

Build for a remote linux:

tipi build . -t linux-cxx17

Build for a remote macOS

tipi build . -t macos-cxx17

Build for a remote windows:

tipi build . -t windows-cxx17

Build for a remote windows with MSVC16:

tipi build . -t vs-16-2019-win64-cxx17

You can specify the size of the remote node by using the -j switch (for Linux and Windows targets you can currently specify up to -j128 to get some raw power).

Note that depending on your subscription the maximum ressources you're granted access to can be limited.

Use the --sync-build switch to have tipi synchronize the build folder (tipi skips this one per default to save bandwitdh):

tipi build . -t linux-cxx17 --sync-build