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Build for different targets

Build for different targets

Using the -t switch in the command line (or the menu in the tipi VS Code plugin) you can easily select the target environment for which you want to build your app/lib:

Below are a few examples of what you can do:

The examples are all remote builds on the tipi cloud. In the case you want to execute a local build (which is only possible when your machine matches the target requirements) you can omit the build verb from the command line.

The remote build requires a tipi subscription.


tipi build . -t linux
tipi build . -t linux-cxx17
tipi build . -t linux-cxx20

Note: -t linux is an alias for -t linux-cxx17


tipi build . -t macos
tipi build . -t macos-cxx17
tipi build . -t macos-cxx20

Note: -t macos is an alias for -t macos-cxx17


tipi build . -t wasm
tipi build . -t wasm-cxx17
tipi build . -t wasm-cxx20

Note: -t wasm is an alias for -t wasm-cxx17


For clang builds on windows:

tipi build . -t windows
tipi build . -t windows-cxx17
tipi build . -t windows-cxx20

Note: -t windows is an alias for -t windows-cxx17

For msvc builds on windows:

tipi build . -t vs-16-2019-win64-cxx17
tipi build . -t vs-16-2019-cxx17
tipi build . -t vs-16-2019-win64