Exclude and ignore using .tipiignore

You can create an ignore file named .tipiignore in the your project. The syntax is identical to the syntax of .gitignore (official documentation for https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore)

Files that are ignored by your .gitignore are not ignored during tipi source scan

Ignore rules can be provided as well via the -x <ignorerule> command line switch and x attribute in the depspec

Target specific ignore rules using .tipiignore.<target>

If you find the need to specify target specific rules for your build (for example t exclude a target OS specific test or example from your otherwise fully cross platform compatible library) you can create target sepcific .tipiignore.<target> files in your project.

Please note that the <target> part requires an exact match (ex. for a tipi . -t linux-cxx17 build you'd create a .tipiignore.linux-cxx17 file).

Additionally the .tipiignore rules are considered a base rule set and are applied for all targets even when a specific match is found: this means that rules of .tipiignore.linux-cxx17 and of a base .tipiignore are additive


# exclude everything except directory foo/bar
# exclude every .cpp ending by a number or by .swp.

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