Compile options

Passing -D defines



The defines will transitively be passed to all your dependencies build as well.

Compile options

Tipi relies on the CMake project, which allows you to tweak the compilation flags even though tipi typically sets sane defaults for you.

You may add your own toolchain files in <tipi-home>/environments/<distro> which is the preferred option.

If you specify compile options, they will be applied to all projects in the build tree in the context of the toolchain specific sysroot.

opts file

You may specify project and target specific opts by creating opts[.target-platform] files in <project-root>/.tipi/.

The opts files have to contain valid CMake Syntax. For example to pass #defines or compile options this way simply add:

add_compile_options( -fmath-errno -Wextra )
add_compile_definitions( DEFINE_TO_PASS_WITHOUT_D_BEFORE=1 )

If both a matching target-platform .tipi/ file and a non specific .tipi/opts file are defined the contents of both are injected into the build

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