The build platform for native developpers

tipi::cout << "hello fellow dev 👩‍💻";

tipi is a Compiler-as-a-Service that understands C & C++ code to build without scripts at unparalleled speed.

We're in open beta now!

AI Powered

tipi builds without scripts.

Massive parallel builds

Smart remote compiler with 1000 cores just for you.


tools, compilers, libraries provisioned for you in a click.

Nerdy stats

Comfortable, efficient and simple

IDE integrations or command line, for everyone's tastes.

Builds without scripts

No need to know about CMake, Bazel or Docker...
tipi scans code, pulls the right build environment, dependencies and generates correct CMakeLists.txt.

Perfect C++ environments

Cloud C & C++ build environments ready for any OS

No need for a big developer machine with many sluggish VMs : remote compilation in Cloud C & C++ environments.

Faster builds integrated in your favorite CI/CD Service

Use the massive parallel cloud in your CI/CD jobs to deliver 10x faster

Github Actions

Gitlab CI/CD

We have the nodes you need

Native builds needs power and space

Our hosted CI/CD runner nodes that have plenty of CPU, disk space and RAM.

Massively parallel? We got you covered

Massively parallel Compiler-as-a-Service

tipi saves significant time per day, expanding developers machine with 1000+ more CPU cores and increase build parallelity with it's unique code scanning AI.

Inspect state in situ with tipi's Revive technology

CI/CD Build Revive nodes can be revived on a failed build to let you introspect & fix it, without rerunning it fully again.

Want to join the party?

We've just started our open beta!

...join us in the tipi :)

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+41 (0) 78 984 08 13
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