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Tipi combines its smart dependency management with powerful ad-hoc cloud environments to enable C and C++ developers to do their best work.




write your app
not build scripts

Coding applications is fun. Developers should be doing more of that instead of struggling to find a way to include that new cool library into their build.
Using Tipi's smart source scan algorithm you can simply pull dependencies straight out of source repositories. Never worry about build systems incompatibilites or other oddities again.

Simple install

Getting Tipi is a single click or command away: install in VSCode or as CLI tool

Everything you need

Tipi ships a modern C++ toolchain the second you need it. No need to download, install and configure yourself for hours.

Cloud power at your fingertip

Tipi provisions cloud environment with the complete toolset preinstalled within seconds, enabling you to build natively for multiple platforms painlessly.

Sounds interesting?

We perform multiple demo sessions every week

P.S.: it's free and usually takes just 30 minutes



depending on someone
else's lib just works

Simply point Tipi to the dependency and it does the heavy lifting for you.

In your .tipi/deps pointing to nlohmann/json release v3.10.4 on Github

  "nlohmann/json" : { "@" : "v3.10.4" }

By the way: living at HEAD is really simple too! Just replace the version tag with main and Tipi will pull the latest revision on each build.

Then just use it!

#include <iostream>>
#include <nlohmann/json.hpp> // use.

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
  std::cout << "JSON formatting with Tipi!\n";
  auto json = nlohmann::json::parse(argv[1]);
  std::cout << json.dump(2) << std::endl;
  return 0;

Build it.

tipi . -t linux # or windows or macos

Are you a package maintainer?

Tipi has something for you!

Make your library usable for everyone without going through the pain of learning another programming language just to have your package shipped!


super easy local &
blazing fast remote

Beyond easing your dev life by making things build easily Tipi provides seamless access to remote build environments that are sized right for native projects.

True cross platform

Linux, Windows or MacOS - Tipi runs natively on your favourite operating system and gives you seamless access to preconfigured build instances for all three systems!

Sheer power when you need it

Extend your machine with build instances sized right for native workloads: from 2 to 128 cores with up to 2TB of RAM available on-demand for even the most demanding workloads.

Not just compiling

Experience borderless cross platform: run and debug your application on the Tipi nodes.

Doing some heavy CMake lifting?

It's easy to dial back what Tipi does to not interfere with your special case!

Simply turn off the smart build functionality and still benefit from all the cool cloud features and other creature comfort that Tipi delivers:

tipi build . --use-cmakelists

Nerdy stats



every project
is a library

Most codebases contain parts that are - or should be - reusable. By default Tipi builds every project both as a library and as an executable to make reusing your code a no-brainer!

  "my/last-big-thing@file://src/utils" : { }

Easy, clean and no more copy & pasting! Read more about .tipi/deps files


Hey, you!

We perform multiple demo sessions every week

P.S.: it's free and usually takes just 30 minutes

Here's what our users say

Usually our team had one or two developers regularly busy integrating libraries, writing or fixing CMakeLists. Having simply automate this, is a huge time-saver.

The impressive factor 8 compilation speedup allows us to focus on what matters: beautiful and carefully tested code.

Andreas Büchin

Andreas Büchin

Team Leader TDG Technology Gateways

Endress+Hauser Digital Solutions

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About the binary optimizer saving the day (read more here): The result is stunning! We gained a lot of options for production with the smaller build, which is a game changer in the current supply situation. Best of all: we didn’t have to re-develop the product!

Joachim Jehle

Joachim Jehle

Chief Operating Officer

KOMP.LED LightSystems